PDAF SCAM KICKBACK kills ‘Bobong Amatong for governor’

JOKENINGUSWAG COMVAL party to expel congressman over PDAF scam kickbacks

USWAG COMVAL: Gov. Arturo Uy, BM Ramil Gentugaya, BM Tyrone Uy, Rep. Maricar Zamoraa-Apsay
USWAG COMVAL: Gov. Arturo Uy, BM Ramil Gentugaya, BM Tyrone Uy, Rep. Maricar Zamoraa-Apsay


With the ‘shameless act’ he has inflicted on the people of Compostela Valley and to his  political party, Uswag ComVal, First District congressman Rommel “Bobong” Amatong has slammed the door on his bid to become governor after the 2016 elections.

Amatong, with his reported link to the PDAF scam, may have already banged the last nail into his political coffin.

But even without the PDAF scam to soil his name and reputation,

RAMIL GENTUGAYA, Compostela Valley Provincial Board member
RAMIL GENTUGAYA, Compostela Valley Provincial Board member

Amatong is already reported to have been “outlawed” by Uswag ComVal with threats of expulsion from the Governor Arturo Uy-led political bloc, following reports he is now honeymooning with the local opposition to pursue his bid to run for governor against Uswag ComVal bet Provincial Board member and former vice governor Ramil Gentugaya.

This early, Uswag ComVal has already drafted its slate for the 2016 elections, according to a report by Compostela Valley-based weekly Rural Urban News of Cha Monforte, namely:

Gentugaya for governor; Governor Uy, who is on his last term,  for vice governor; former congressman incumbent vice governor Manuel “Way Kurat”  Zamora  who is sliding down to the race for the Provincial Board; Provincial Board member Tyrone Uy, the governor’s son, for congressman in the Second District and incumbent Congresswoman Maricar Zamora-Apsay in the First District.

Rural Urban News also reported that Amatong is gunning for the governorship with Uy bowing out,  even as reports were already out that the governor has announced that Gentugaya would be the Uswag ComVal standard bearer.

The 2016 plan of Amatong, one of the timbers of Uswag ComVal, has shaken up the local bloc that may cost his affiliation to the local party. 

The news has perked up to the highest boiling point Comval’s politics, reported Rural Urban News.

 Amatong’s plan, Monforte’s paper reports, was exacerbated by reports that the congressman has struck alliance with the influential Brilanteses – former Board member and Mayor Lito Brillantes and his brother  former 3-term mayor vice mayor Manuel “Junjun” Brillantes (3-term mayor) — to strengthen his flanks in the 2016 gubernatorial race.

The traditionally oppositionist Brilanteses backed losing re-electionist  Governor Jose Caballero against winner Uy in the gubernatorial race in 2016.

takbo-janetUy has not responded to questions about  Uswag ComVal’s plan to expel Amatong for his link to PDAF and his plan to run in 2016, but other party stalwarts, who begged anonymity, said they would raise the issue in a coming meeting.  

      If he pushes through with his 2016 plan, Amatong will see the death of his political career, said an Uswag Comval mayor who also asked he not be identified. Amatong is the son of CpmVal’s  political legend, the late governor Prospero Amatong.

“Kulelat,” was how Monforte reported Amatong’s chances against Gentugaya, also quoting Uswag ComVal party stalwarts.






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