Amay Bisaya, Nora Aunor and Jejomar Binay


JOKERHe does not suffer from Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome-Human Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS-HIV). He does not have the Ebola virus or the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Corona Virus (MERS-Cov). Bird Flu or some other deadly tropical disease is not in his blood.

But why is everybody running away from Vice President Jejomar Binay?

durian beatEven survey figures are now emaciated numbers for the man who beat all in previous surveys for the possible successor to President Benigno Aquino.

Could it be corruption and everybody’s dread he might become President in 2016?

The dread has become an infectious national plague making everybody smirk at the mention of his name; the malady is so severe that Binay may run alone for President without a running mate in the 2016 election.

Nobody wants to be his vice president vice!

JOJOWho wants to run under the man dreaming the wild dream of becoming President who is accused of plunder of the most unthinkable kind?

Let us admit it. The Philippines has corrupt officials differentiated only by the degree of greed to amass wealth at the expense of the people.

Binay could the breed to top them all.

It seems being linked with Binay has become a ticket to the hangman’s noose, literally and politically.

So, who wants to be Binay’s vice president?

Three of the political personalities he courted to be his running mate turned down the offer to avoid being associated with man facing a multi-billion plunder charge before the Ombudsman.

Binay, who has been topping surveys for presidential preference before he was toppled down from his roost in the latest surveys, apparently wants to beef up his sagging political stock by taking in as his running mate another presidential candidate who is also ranked in the surveys.

First, he picked Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. But Duterte has grafters and corruptors on top of his hate list.

Duterte immediately shot down reports that Binay had floated the idea of having him as running mate.

If we read the mind of Duterte given his hatred for the criminally corrupt, when nobody is looking he would fuke at the idea of Binay being his vice president. But he was civil in saying no.
Binay made the offer at the wrong time and the wrong place: During a political sortie in Davao where the talk of the town day-in and day-out is about Binay and corruption and where Dabawenyos salivate madly at the thought at seeing their beloved mayor becoming the next President of the Philippines.

Revuked, Binay would take the safer road in his quest for vice president this time using his daughter Rep. Abigail Binay floating the idea of Senator Grace Poe as her dad’s running mate.

The offer was a thick-faced move. Poe is among senators who signed the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee report recommending the filing of plunder charges against Binay, his son Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and 18 other associates.

Binay did not lose hope in what was turning out to be a futile search for a vice president.

He would turn to former President Joseph Estrada, now the Manila mayor, his team mate in the opposition United Nationalist Coalition.
If even your soul mate and closest political ally would shy away from you like a leper, what kind of a man could you be?

Like Duterte and Poe, Erap said nyet!
Estrada: “I am done being Vice President. I have been President. I’ve been there.”

Finding a vice president is Binay’s biggest headache in his bid to be President. It is a nightmare as horrible as the country’s second most powerful man being locked up in jail for plunder along with drug lords, killers, rapists and thieving senators.

But wait, there is still hope!

amay-binayJOKERThe comedian Amay Bisaya may have foreseen that Binay could be in troubled waters in looking for a vice president.

Early on, Amay offered to be Binay’s vice president.

But comedian has to battle it out first with actress Nora Aunor.

Aunor has also offered herself to be Jojo’s vice.

Aunor said a Jojo-La Aunor tandem could beat any tandem. Ï am still the “Superstar” in the movie world while Binay is considered as the brown “Superman” in contemporary Philippine politics. It’s the Superman and Superstar in tandem. We are the brown unbeatable tandem.”

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