“A terrorist group that deserves our collective rejection and condemnation”

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Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio on Monday called communist rebels as “cowards” and “terrorists” as she condemned the week-end torching of  several construction equipment in the city’s far-flung villages.

Military and police authorities said the New People’s Army (NPA) was behind the atrocity carried out two days after the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), celebrated its 49th founding anniversary.

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“Downright cowardly,” Duterte-Carpio, daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte, said of the attacks.

The NPA  “is nothing but a terrorist group that deserves our collective rejection and condemnation,” Duterte-Carpio said in a statement.

She said the attacks were hallmarks of the communist revolution’s brand of violent acts aimed to derail the government’s  community development efforts.

“The NPA’s revolution is one designed to undermine our democracy and development through its brand of egregious violence and extremism,” she said.

Duterte-Carpio said the burned equipment were used in road constructions “to end chronic poverty” in the city’s far-flung areas.

“The fresh atrocities reveal that the terrorist group only truly intends for people to continue living in a condition of poverty, which they could use as a capital in their propaganda against the government and to justify their presence in the communities where their influence and significance are waning,” she said.

She adds that the burning of the privately-owned equipment is a result of the rebel’s imposition of revolutionary tax, and carried out because the construction companies refused to pay.

“Let me reiterate my previous appeal to the people of Davao and to our partners in the peace and development movement— let us support our soldiers and police and let us openly condemn NPA as a terrorist group,” she said.

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