JOKE OF THE DAY: Speaker Alvarez to field unknown versus Gov. Anthony del Rosario



Generating uncontrolled laughter today in Davao del Norte coffee shops and the radio airlanes is the joke that a who-is-he engineer named Edwin Jubahib is challenging the reelection of Governor Anthony del Rosario in the 2019 midterm election.

Although it has gained a level of popularity among Dabaonons, the Jubahib joke, however,  has yet to dethrone  Davao del Norte’s Number One Funniest Joke — about House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez wanting to postpone the 2019 mid-term election because he is sure he would meet a miserable defeat in his reelection bid.  

Who is this Jubahib?

He is the personal assistant of House Speaker and DavNor 1st District Representative Alvarez.

JUBAHIB PICAlthough Jubahib has become the butt of jokes as an ant gearing up for a fight with  a Goliath, Alvarez’s water boy has achieved a measure of fame and popularity among barangay officials.

Alvarez, also secretary general of the ruling party PDP/Laban, has declared war against the who-is-who in DavNor politics and is putting up an independent Alvarez Wing to beef up his reelection bid.

Alvarez has organized a ragtag slate under his Alvarez Wing, and is spreading his political muscle even outside of his First District.

He has groomed Vice Governor Alan Dujali to fight 2nd District Rep. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo, Jr. and the joke that is Jubahib vs. del Rosario.

With his reelection in peril with former governor Dolfo del Rosario challenging his reelection, Alvarez is working overtime in saving his political future and has positioned Jubahib his front man in the delivery of services by his congressional office.

And what are these projects? Road building program consisting of a few truckloads of gravel for each barangay, an electrification program made up of low power generating sets and a water system project consisting of cheap manual Jetmatic pumps.

Jubahib delivers these alongside broadsides at Gov. del Rosario’s alleged failure to provide basic services as the governor of the province.

Unfortunately, like Alvarez’s promise of millions of pesos in development funds for the barangays if he wins his reelection which has also been dismissed as a joke, Jubahid’s deliveries are subject of funny stories if not outright criticism as cheap political gimmicks.

As the jokes go, Alvarez’s Jetmatic pumps reportedly do not spew out clean potable water but vomit dirty mud. The few generating sets do not run because the barangays have no budget for fuel. Barangays need decent farm-to-market roads not a few shovels of gravel.

The jokes nevertheless, Jubahib is gaining popularity points that have gone to his head, the reason why he now thinks he is better than Gov. del Rosario and wants to be governor of DavNor.

Well, fools can dream and you cannot blame Jubahib if he wants to be the biggest fool of them all.  

After all, fools like birds of the same feather, flock together.



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