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President Rodrigo Duterte said he would rather have the Philippines ruled by a dictator and not Vice President Leni Robredo as president.

Duterte earlier had said that Robredo is “incompetent” to be President.

Mulling an early retirement because he is “tired,” Duterte said he would be comfortable with former Senator Bongbong Marcos or Senator Chiz Escudero succeeding him if he steps down before his term ends in 2022.

The Constitution, however, provides that the Vice President is next in line to the presidency, if a President resigns or dies.

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In his speech during the 49th Mandaue City Charter Day in Cebu on Thursday, August 30, Duterte said the Philippines would be “dead” under a Robredo presidency, because she cannot fight illegal drugs and corruption.

 “If I stop now my crusade against drugs and if there is no order in the Philippines and corruption will continue, we’re dead, “  Duterte told the Cebuanos.

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He said it would be better for the Philippines to have “a dictator in the likes of Marcos.”

 “I said you’re better off with a dictator in the likes of Marcos. That is what I suggested. You can have constitutional succession, it’s Robredo. But she cannot hack it,” the President said.

By dictator, Duterte was referring to the late President Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the country for nearly two decades under martial law.

The late dictator’s son, Senator Marcos, has filed an electoral  protest with the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) questioning  the victory of Robredo in the 2016 vice presidential race. Robredo beat Marcos with a slim margin of about 260,000 votes.

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