agr interview


In a speech loudly applauded by the crowd, Davao del Norte First District Rep. Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez swore that Governor Anthony “AGR” del Rosario (when he was the congressman)  had numerous projects in the barangays.

panty 3

His speech during a recent campaign sortie in a barangay, is a complete reverse of his earlier accusation that the Del Rosarios (Gov. Anthony del Rosario, who previously held the First District Congress seat, and his father, former Governor  Rodolfo Del Rosario Sr.), had done nothing to improve the province during their rule in the past 40 years.

The praises for the governor may be misplaced: Gov. del Rosario is contesting the reelection of Alvarez, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, who was ousted in July last year.

But Alvarez said he is not lying in praising the accomplishment  of Gov. del Rosario as a congressman.

This is not as lie. You are witness to this, that in your barangay there are projects that you can point to as projects of Congressman Anthony del Rosario, said Alvarez.

That is the accomplishment of our congressman, Anthony del Rosario, Alvarez told the crowd. who responded with a loud applause.

Alvarez’s speech in Bisaya is documented by a video.

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Kung ikaw congressman, ang sukdanan nato mga igsoon, dili lang pirme ka makita sa imong distrito, kung dili kung unsa kadaghan sa proyeto nga iyang gidala dinhi sa atong sa distrito.

(If you are the congressman, the measure is not that you are always seen in the district, but how many projects that you bring to the district.)

Mao na ang gihimo sa atong congressman nga si Anthony del Rosario.

(Bringing projects to the barangays) is what our congressman Anthony del Rosario did.

Kining amoa, kining akoa, dili ni bakak kay kamo mismo saksi niini, kamo mismo saksi nga sa inyong barangay naay mga proyekto kamo ikatudlo nga kana gidala  ni Congressman Anthony del Rosario.

(This is not a lie, because you yourself  witness that in your barangay there are projects that you can point to as projects brought by Congressman Anthony del Rosario.)



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